Modular Hotel Built In Florenceville-Bristol, NB

March 5, 2022

News Release:

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Florenceville-Bristol Amsterdam Inn & Suites Development

de Winter Brothers, President and CEO John J. de Winter is pleased to announce the construction of a full-service hotel to be open by the summer of 2021.  This state of the art facility will include 78 room suites, 190 person conference/banquet center, with a 94 seat full-service restaurant, meeting rooms, and gym facilities.  This executive property is to be located just off Trans-Canada Highway, via exit 153 at 383 Centreville Road, Florenceville-Bristol.

This hotel property will support projected future demand for the greater community and western region of New Brunswick and will support opportunities to attract a multitude of market segments that have been identified through detailed market studies.  It is estimated 40 jobs will be needed to operate this executive property.

Iron Maple Construction has been selected as the general contractor and Alantra Leasing Inc., will complete modular built suites.  Both companies have extensive construction experience and have partnered to ensure a high end finished facility will be completed.

Amsterdam Inn & Suites is proud to see our New Brunswick based chain create a major economic investment at a time when needed by our community. de Winter Brothers would like to thank the many individuals and organizations that have worked so hard to bring this development forward including  Community leaders, Florenceville-Bristol council, and other government agencies.

We are deeply thankful to all and look forward to many years of future community interaction and success.

John J. de Winter, President
Amsterdam Inn & Suites